We are back to our The Best & The Coolest bongs from all over the World.

Today's bong will be - A Bottle Bong, being more specific - A Glass Bottle Bong, and if we go even deeper - Gold Label Bong, Grey Goose Bong, Bacardi Bong.

They are very similar IN

And to make one of those you need Only to make a Hole. To make that happen you will need a special glass bits for your regular electronic drill, that you can find in you local hardware store. Then, continuously spraying water on a glass bottle start drilling a hole in a more preferable for you position. Insert a slide with a smoking bowl in that hole.  Fill the bottle with the juice  and smoke it out. The effect of smoking will be pretty similar, a little different taste, but just because of the bottle flavor.

Grey Goose Bottle BongGold Lable Bottle BongBacardi Bottle Bong