30 Years Old Jeffrey Drew Uilishke, citizen of Madison WI, in october 2011 officially changed his original name to the most weird name in a world - Bizou Doo-Doo-Bop Zoppittibop-Bop-Bop. All the document were changed legaly. Jeffrey said he didn't like his old name.

On his facebook page says that Bizou likes to eat, stand, walk and think, and that he is single.

The neighbors that knew ex-Jefffrey not by facebook but by bad expirience, reported to the police that he also likes to drink a lot and smoke a lot.

The police arrested Bizou Doo-Doo-Bop Zoppittipob-Bop-Bop for illegal prossession of marijuana and smoking devices, they also confiscated a knife. On their way to the police station Bizou offered to smoke cannabis to the police officers and resolve the issue this way.