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Weed Money To the Bank of America

As everyone knows, Washington State allows Medical Marijuana and it's growing and recreation. There are dozens of dispensaries around the state and all of them making lots of money.

However, all the recreational cannabis business needs a place to put their money save... And now it's official that the place money gonna go to is Bank Of America.

Right now Bank Of America is the main official Washington State Bank, which handles all the state funds. The bank 7-year contract is close to a due date, which is June 30th, and if they want to stay as official state bank, they need to sign a contract, where they will agree to accept the Medical Marijuana Money as a big part of the funds.

Seems that Bank Of America SEO is fine with that, and all Washington State Weed Money are going to the Bank of America - "Life is better, when we are connected" - they fit just perfect for this role, even their slogan confirms it - Life is definitely better, when We' are connected. 

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