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Dabbing Weed

Guide to Dabbing Weed

Dabbing WeedIf you consume marijuana or plan on doing so very soon, then you are most likely familiar or at least heard about the notion of Dabbing Weed. But what does this mean and does it have a positive or negative impact on your health? Let’s find that out right away!

What are Dabs?

Dabs are highly concentrated doses of weed. These are created via the extraction of cannabinoids like THC with help from carbon dioxide and butane. The result will be a very sticky oil named either wax or BHO. THC is most of the time the main product that helps boost the effect and efficiency of dabs to begin with.

Benefits of Dabbing Weed

Why should you start dabbing weed? Most people ask this question and the answer is quite simple. Dabbing weed gives you a plethora of benefits, one of them is that it delivers a great THC dosage to patients and people that are in dire need of it.

By Dabbing Weed, patients with nausea or a chronic pain will be able to obtain the much-needed relief they need. The extraction process is very safe too, as most of the professional extractors are focused on closed extraction that needs professional equipment.

Moreover, the THC is delivered very fast. The high concentration makes is truly efficient too, which is exactly why you have to give it a shot right away. On top of that, dabbing weed lowers the lung damage risks that come from smoking.

While not all dabbing methods remove the marijuana odor, there are a few that do offer such a benefit. This means you will finally be able to remove that strong smell very fast.

Dabbing Weed Cons

During the dabbing process you will need to use some high levels of butane. If you don’t use high standard production methods, you will most likely find yourself at risks. Aside from implosions, you can also deal with butane allergies.

There are some side effects that might come from dabbing weed. Keep in mind that not all of these might happen to you, but they have been documented to appear in the case of many people that are dabbing marijuana. These include a loss of consciousness, hallucinations, a very fast heartbeat, paranoia and a sense of tingling skin.

Moreover, dabbing can be more expensive as there are simpler ways to consume marijuana. You will need equipment like a heating element, blowtorch and a premium oil. Also dabbing isn’t recommended for persons that require a very high CBD.


As you can see, dabbing weed does come with it's own set of pros and cons. While it can be healthy at times, it also brings a unique set of benefits. It helps alleviate pain and some chronic diseases, not to mention it can also be used to ease pain at times. While it can be a little bit more expensive to consume, dabbing is a lot more appealing and fun to do. So, you should consider dabbing marijuana as it can be a delightful, unique experience!

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