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Guide to Dabbing

In the wonderful world of weed, dabbing is a trend gaining popularity. As the flash vaporization of cannabis concentrates can intimidate more users than just smoking pot, we want to provide a guide on the basics of dabbing. Here are the basics, from the tools – torches, dabbers, and nails – to the medical benefits.

Dabbing Equipment

Guide to DabbingThe dab rig is the vital piece of the process. Also known as an oil rig, it is the altered water pipe that holds a nail, enabling you to heat the nail and put the concentrate onto it for vaporization. Rigs are available at headshops online and locally.

Of course, now you are probably wondering, what is a nail? There are titanium, quartz, and domeless varieties. Most weed users gravitate toward quartz or titanium rather than domeless as the latter choice requires extra pieces and organization.

Likely, the scariest part of dabbing for beginners is the torch. A culinary type of torch will do, which you can get at a headshop, and it is typically under between $25 and $100. This tool gets the equipment very hot.

Dabbing Benefits

Any discussion of the basics of dabbing has to include talk of the medical benefits. Dabbing can be helpful for providing comfort to patients who are in chronic pain or who have severe nausea, providing a more powerful punch than a dose of smoked weed.

On the other hand, do keep in mind that there are potential safety risks with making extracts. For example, this is the first time that there is the potential to overdose on cannabis. While you cannot die, taking too big a dose can lead to fainting. An overextended high and withdrawal symptoms can both be quite uncomfortable for some dabbers too.

Concluding Thoughts

Thus, it seems that there are pros and cons to dabbing, as with anything. The key is to leave dabbing to those who know what they are doing, for the safety of all. By learning the basics of dabbing, you can begin to investigate your options and seek a satisfying route.

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