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How to Deal with Paranoia While High

Experiencing all of the positive aspects of weed is a great reason to use it. However, paranoia is an extremely common side-effect of marijuana, and can seriously dampen your experience. So, how do you deal with it and come back to a lighter, more positive experience? Keep reading to find out. 

Promoting Relaxation

How to Deal with Paranoia While HighOne of the biggest issues with paranoia is that you feel overwhelmed by all of the things going on in your life. For example, minor problems may now seem like a major life crisis. This can cause you to feel very anxious, stressed, and very unpleasant overall. Relaxing is critical to restoring your sense of balance and control over your environment.

Focus and Distraction

Being able to center yourself and relax will help to slow down your thought process and allow you to calm down. There are two ways of doing this: focus your thoughts, and distract yourself. 

With the first option, this could mean getting into your pajamas, lying in bed, and closing your eyes, with nothing else to focus on but your breathing. This can help to center your focus and help you relax. The second option involves distracting yourself from the negative thoughts. This can work through conversations with people that you know will be supportive of you in your current state of mind. This distraction technique can also work through a change of scenery, music or anything that draws your attention outward.

Marijuana can have varying effects from person to person. Knowing how your body reacts to this substance is important. When dealing with weed-induced paranoia, be sure to use the tips above to gain control over your thoughts. Using them will also aid in your recovery process and promote a more positive experience.

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