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How to Flush Cannabis Plants

Growing cannabis plants can be a very detailed and delicate process. However, there may not always be enough focus on flushing. Flushing is an essential step within the growth process as well as pre-harvest to ensure that your marijuana is of the highest quality possible. Read on to find out how to flush your plants.

Flushing: Your Key to Success

UHow to Flush Cannabis Plantsnderstanding what flushing is and how to flush your cannabis is crucial to both the plant’s success within its growth cycle, as well as determining the level of flavor. Flushing is the process of flooding the soil with water in order to remove nutrients. This can be done with pure water within a certain pH range, and this range will vary based on whether you are using soil, hydroponics, or coco.

When to Flush your Cannabis 

So, how do you know when to flush your marijuana plants? This is a great question and can vary from grower to grower. Some flush more regularly, and some only flush when they see over fertilizing or a nutrient lockout.

Keep in mind that the needs of your marijuana will vary as it grows, so it’s a good idea to flush out the old nutrients in order for the plant to receive new ones during its next stage of growth. If you are seeing a nutrient lockout, it’s great to flush your cannabis because it will break through that barrier and ensure your plants are getting what they need. Finally, the pre-harvest flush is the most important flush of all. It’s vital that you flush 2 weeks before harvest day when using soil, and 1 week if you are using hydroponics or coco to maximize on the flavor and quality of your blooms.

When it comes to growing cannabis, there are so many details to keep track of that flushing may seem like the last thing you need to worry about. However, with the information above, we hope you can see how truly important this process is to gain the desired results.

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