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How to Get the Best High from Weed

Did you know you could take your high to the next level? Here is how to get the best high from weed, just in case you want to light up soon.

Potentiating Your High

How to Get the Best High from WeedThe Alcohol Effect

That’s right. Ethanol, which is used in producing alcoholic drinks, can increase the rate that you feel the effects of pot, as per a 2001 study. But do be careful about mixing weed and beer or another type of alcoholic beverage as people can react differently to that combination.

Here’s A Tip: Inhale

Be sure to inhale, at least if you want to learn how to get the best high from weed. Rather than just holding the smoke in your mouth, inhale it into your lungs before you exhale.

Remember to Grind It

Don’t skip the grinder. By crushing your weed, you will have a bigger surface area, which means the weed will burn more even and slow. That makes for an improved high.

Switch up Your Routine

If you normally light up in the afternoon, try doing it instead at night or in the morning. Alternatively, change where you smoke pot. By creating a new element to the experience, you can elevate that high.

Take a Break

When using weed regularly for recreational use (or otherwise), you build up a tolerance. Therefore, it can be helpful to take a tolerance break of a month from smoking. When you return, it will feel like you are getting high for the first time again. You likely will use less weed too.

Be Choosy about Your Circle

If you normally consume cannabis as part of a group, make sure that no one around you is a buzz kill. If certain people detract from your high, then it makes sense that not having them close by will enable you to go higher than ever before.

The Strain You Pick

Look closely at the type of strain you are using as certain ones can make you feel calmer while others energize you. When you choose a sativa-dominant hybrid, you are more likely to feel higher than an indica-heavy strain that dulls the mind.

These are tips that work for many people who ask how to get the best high from weed but what is working for one person may not for another. For that reason, it may be helpful to try the suggestions above one at a time to determine what is optimal for you.

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