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How to Grow Weed in an Apartment

As both possessing and growing marijuana has become legal in various states, more people than ever are taking advantage of this to grow their own. While this doesn’t present a problem when you own property, it can be a big issue if you’re a tenant within an apartment building. Keep reading to find out how to grow great weed in this challenging space.

Cutting Through the Red Tape

How to Grow Weed in an ApartmentSo, you’ve decided you want to grow great weed in your apartment. Congrats! There’s just one problem. You need permission from the landlord to grow. Now, you don’t have to specifically tell them you’re growing marijuana. The fact that you’re growing anything can be problematic as many landlords don’t want to deal with damage to the property or pest issues that often arise because of it. 

Be sure to let the landlord know you will keep everything contained in a separate space, and this will help to ease their concerns. Being able to get these issues fixed early on is vital so that you can experience a positive, worry-free growing experience.

Choose Your Space Wisely  

Most people think of the closet when they begin planning to grow weed out of their apartments. At first glance, it can seem to be a great idea with an easy way to keep the marijuana both out of sight and mind of guests. However, the challenges that come with it are numerous, such as: installing an exhaust system into this enclosed space, providing plants with enough light, and reducing the risk of spills and damage from the growing weed.

So, what’s the ideal space? Two great options include a grow tent, and a grow box. They are both similar in their functionality, as both provide pre-made, enclosed spaces ideal for marijuana growers. They often come with their own built-in light sources, supplies and even their own air ventilation system. They are perfect for blocking out light, reducing the level of noise, and ensuring that your weed grows to its full potential. 

In conclusion, while apartments may not be the ideal living spaces to use when growing weed, they can produce great cannabis. With the ideal space and proper planning, you can easily turn your apartment into your own private cannabis sanctuary.

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