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How to Hide Being Stoned

When you’re stoned, it can be very difficult to handle social situations that would otherwise be a breeze. So, what do you do if you need to hide the fact that you’re stoned from the people around you? Keep reading to find out.

Be Prepared

How to Hide Being StonedWhen you are high, and feeling especially lazy if it’s an Indica strain, it can be very difficult to behave and think normally. However, with some preparation and thought you should be able to handle these situations without any issues. Some things are easier to do than others, so we will start with the simplest ones and move up in difficulty as we progress.  

Wearing sunglasses if you are outdoors is a great way to hide your bloodshot eyes. However, if you are indoors, sunglasses will look more suspicious. Be sure to bring along eye drops and a tissue in these cases. This way you can simply say you have allergies. Another great tip is to stop fidgeting. The harder you try to seem normal, the more awkward things will get. Lastly, keep your laughter on the inside. By minimizing your outward laughter can help to hide your high from those around you.

Keeping your Wits About You

When you’re high, it can be very difficult to remember things, as well as to form complete thoughts and sentences. The simpler solution for this is to simply stop talking. However, you can’t remain silent forever. So, how do you cope with this annoying memory loss? You practice. By intentionally working your memory and increasing your mental capacity while stoned, you can more easily hold a conversation should the need arise in the future.

Regardless of if you are ambushed by unexpected guests or have to make a run to the store, there are plenty of ways to keep the fact that you’re stoned a secret. Using the tips above will ensure that you’re able to continue enjoying your marijuana without experiencing the potentially devastating consequences to your social life.

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