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How to Roll the Perfect Joint

One of the most classic ways to consumer weed is the joint. It’s a wonderful way to get the flavor of your preferred strain. Every pot smoker ought to know how to roll their own joints and do so with a smooth and even method, whether you use a filter or not. Here are the basic steps, from grinding to the rolling papers.

How to Roll a Joint

How to Roll the Perfect JointGrind the Weed

You can use a grinder or else cut the herb using a pair of scissors. You’ll get a more even length to the cannabis though for a more even smoke if you use a weed grinder.

Make a Filter

If you want a “crutch” or filter as a beginner, you can make one out of a business card or even a thin piece of cardboard. While the filter isn’t a necessity, it does help keep the end of the weed from falling out, and we don’t want you to waste any of the beautiful strain you’ve chosen.

Filling the Joint

This step involves filling the rolling papers with the cannabis and the crutch if you use one. Typically you’ll use ½-1 gram per paper. As for which paper to use, hemp rolling papers tend to be the best because they burn strong and even without taking away from the flavor of the pot.

Pack and Roll the Joint

Now that you’ve filled the weed in the rolling papers, it’s time to roll it back and forth within your fingertips to pack it at the center for a more even smoke soon. Next, tuck the unglued side of the rolling paper into the roll and use its glued end to put one end of the paper into place. Work your way from the tacked end to the untacked end and seal the joint at each end.

Finishing Up

Lastly, pack the joint at the end with a pen to give help ensure an even burn, so you get the most enjoyable smoke possible. You can even twist the end as you close it to secure it tightly.

Enjoy Your Joint!

This step is self-explanatory, hint hint.

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