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How to Select the Right Type and Size Rolling Paper

When it comes to smoking marijuana, it’s more complex than simply procuring the weed and proceeding to smoke it. There is a process involved, as you must create your own joints. This involves knowing what type and size of paper you’ll need, along with your personal preferences.


Choosing the Best Paper

How to Select the Right Type and Size Rolling PaperThe process of selecting your rolling paper can take time. It’s important to remember that not all paper is created equal. Wood pulp, for example, is the most commonly used rolling paper. However, it is often bleached with chemicals and adds a nasty aftertaste to the weed. Rice is another option, which is left unbleached and adds no taste at all to the cannabis. However, as it is very thin, it’s also very difficult to roll.

In the middle, and what many consider to be the perfect rolling paper, is hemp. Hemp paper is thick enough to grasp, adds a slightly sweet and musky aftertaste to the weed which many find pleasant, and is completely natural. This means that you won’t be inhaling any nasty chemicals alongside your weed.


Size Matters  

The size of your rolling paper can be just as important as the thickness and material it’s made of. Be sure to choose a size that fits the group of people that you’ll be with. Here are the standard sizes:

  • Single Wide
  • Double Wide
  • Size 1 ¼
  • Size 1 ½
  • King Size
  • XXL

Keep in mind that this list is created in order from smallest to largest. So, if you need the biggest joint out there for a large group of people, the King Size or XXL is your go-to. However, if you’ll only be in a group of 2 to 3 people, the Double Wide or Size 1 ¼ should do the job nicely.

Whether you choose to smoke using rice paper, hemp paper, a single wide paper or a King Size paper, it’s all about the experience that you want to have. With this newfound information, you can easily customize your smoking experience to suit your needs.

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