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Medical Marijuana for PTSD

Use of Medical Marijuana for PTSD

Medical Marijuana for PTSDAccording to discoveries by the Israeli scientist Dr. Mechoulam, marijuana treat those with PTSD by aiding in memory extinction. The canabinoid system is directly connected to memory extinction, which is the healthy loss of memory related to stimuli (loud noises or stress).

During a study, mice were introduced to a loud noise accompanied by an electric shock. Mice that were introduced to a cannabinoid system forgot about the shock after hearing the noise again (without the shock). Mice no introduced to a cannabinoid system never forgot.

Science of Medical Marijuana for PTSD

Without any effective medications available, medical marijuana for PTSD is being actively researched. It has been discovered that individuals with PTSD have lower amounts of anadamide (a natural canibinoid found in our bodies). THC can replace the lack of anadamide by triggering the same receptors in the body. This effect can help patients get relief from their painful memories.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana for PTSD

  • Provides relief from painful memories.
  • Triggers receptors related to low levels of anadamide in those with PTSD.
  • One of the only treatments that has shown effectiveness for PTSD.

Access to Medical Marijuana for PTSD

Before starting to treat PTSD with marijuana, it is advised that you should consult a doctor first. In some cased, if a person is not used to the effects, marijuana can make anxiety worse. There may be certain strains (with high levels of CBD) that can be used to prevent anxiety.

In many states medical marijuana is now legal. If medical marijuana is not legal, there may be forms of CBD that are legal. Please check to make sure you are fully aware of the law.


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