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NPK Fertilizer: Why it Matters

NPK simply put is Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. These are the three main elements that your cannabis needs to grow and thrive. How do you use them correctly and how much does your cannabis need? We'll reveal the answers shortly.   

Know Your Nutrients 

NPK Fertilizer: Why it Matters It's important to remember that cannabis needs a lot of nutrients to grow, and these must be added by the grower. There is no quick-fix for great marijuana. It takes a lot of time, effort, and planning. So, the NPK comes in when growers need to feed their plants and look to buy them. The NPK can be found on the bottle, and there should also be a ratio describing the formula. For example, 40-30-30 would be 40% Nitrogen, 30% Phosphorus, and 30% Potassium. This is important for the next steps.  

Be sure to use the right amount of Nitrogen throughout the different stages of growth. Cannabis needs higher amounts of nitrogen during the vegetative growth state, and smaller amounts in order to bloom properly. Marijuana will also need a higher level of phosphorus during its blooming phase. This means you will need to identify a couple of different formulations in order to supply your marijuana with the right nutrients throughout its life cycle. 

Be Prepared 

Oftentimes, one can tell the difference between a new grower and an experienced one just by the amount of different NPK fertilizer formulations and other nutrients they have laying around. This is largely due to the fact that newer, less experienced, growers are anxious to see their marijuana explode and blossom and they end up putting either too much of one formulation on their plants, or simply too many different varieties. Don't do this to your cannabis! Be sure to gently experiment with one product, and one company at a time. If you find that the product is not working as effectively as it should over a period of time, gently transition into a different formulation and see if this helps.  

The bottom line is when it comes to growing marijuana, NPK fertilizer is extremely important. Be sure to use the tips and information above, and you'll see your plants blossom in no time.  

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