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Pass a Drug Test in 24 Hours

If you’re a cannabis consumer, you know that drug tests are not something that is welcomed. Yes, drug tests can be legal in some places for employers to do. And if you fail it, well, you might be out of a job. And that sucks. It might even get you a one-way ticket to court. So, if you suddenly are faced with having to take a drug test, here is how to marijuana detox within 24 hours to pass the test.

First, Identify the Drug Test

Pass a Drug Test in 24 HoursYour marijuana detox is going to differ depending on which test you undergo. The most common types are urine, saliva, blood, and hair follicle. Of these, blood is the least likely to be the one you’re facing, while urine is the most common. If it’s a drug test at work, then chances are it’s the urine variety.

Passing a Saliva Test

If a cop stops you in a 420-friendly state on the side of the road, it’s a saliva test. This one is simplest to pass as THC usually only stays in your system up to 24 hours. If you want to mask your pot use quickly, try using Oral Clear chewing gum, which masks saliva on a drug test, so it won’t show up in the results.

Urine Testing and Marijuana Detox

A urine drug test is much harder to pass than saliva. If you need to pass it within 24 hours, stop consuming weed immediately. Down the water, and lots of it. This is going to flush the cannabis out of your system before the test.

Another way to clear out your system is to take a laxative. Coffee can have the same effect. Going number 2 helps clean your system out, obviously. You can also (optional) take an emergency marijuana detox product to further cleanse your system; the effects of these are hit or miss though.

Facing a Hair Follicle Test

Unfortunately, THC may be detectable in hair follicles longer than 24 hours. Weed can show in the results for as long as 90 days! Given this info, it’s tough to pass a hair follicle test. That said, you can take steps to marijuana detox, including using a detox shampoo.

This shampoo is specifically made to remove toxins from prescription meds, but it also removes other chemicals and toxins (hint, hint). It’s not a fool-proof way to pass the test in a day, but it may be your best strategy.

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