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Places to Smoke in Amsterdam

Coffee shops in Amsterdam are known as being great places to go to get weed and smoke up so we’re searching for the best places to do so. From the hundreds to choose from, here is our list of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam.

Places of Interest

Places to Smoke in AmsterdamThe Dolphins

The Dolphins coffee shop in Amsterdam features a basement painted like the bottom of the sea. From seahorses to dolphins, you’ll be surrounded by aquatic life as you get high. Now that’s a great atmosphere for a stoner, wouldn’t you agree?

Da Dampkring

This shop became popular after the release of the movie Ocean’s Twelve because it was featured in one of the scenes. Yes, Brad Pitt and George Clooney filmed there, so you may want to check it out for its cool vibes too.

Grey Area

If you want a bit of the USA with your weed, heat to Grey Area, which is also known as “The American Coffeeshop.” Grey Area is a very small pot shop that gets its nickname from it being started by two Americans. Celebrities like Willie Nelson are fans so don’t let the small footage deter you from going there.

Green House Lounge (Haarlemmerstraat Location)

The Green House Lounge is a popular chain and we like the Haarlemmerstraat location in particular for its transparent floor in front of the counter. What is underneath the floor? You’ll look down to see huge koi swimming below your feet. Trippy.

Browse the Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

Explore. There are an array of coffee shops from which to choose, with differences in how they look, their ambience, strains of weed being sold, and more. There are also the quick shops that don’t have any seats. Take your time to look around and find the best coffee shop in Amsterdam for you and then enjoy your time there.

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