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The Difference Between Pot Smoking and Edibles

If you are not sure which is right for you, the edible high vs the smoking high, we’re sharing the differences between the two of them to clarify it once and for all. Below is everything you need to know about how the weed edible high is not the same as the high you’ll get smoking up. This information will likely come in handy the next time you are at a dispensary.

Are There Health-Related Differences?

The Difference Between Pot Smoking and EdiblesMany people choose edibles over joints because of fears of lung damage and coughing. There is also the unobtrusiveness of edibles. However, recent studies reveal that the lungs are not damaged by marijuana smoke and that using weed does not increase lung cancer risk as had been previously thought.

Edible Side Effects & Making a Personal Choice

When it comes to what you prefer between the edible high and the smoking high, there are differences in how you will feel between the two. The weed edible high gives a body high, so if that is what you prefer than go for the edibles.

On the other hand, if you want a high that kicks in right away, you’ll likely be drawn toward the smoking method. Then again, edible side effects, such as pain reduction, generally last longer than when you inhale weed so that is another factor to consider, especially if you are a medical marijuana patient. For some users, the edible high is the more intense of the two consumption methods as well.

Also, the weed edible high is usually more intense than smoking pot. The reason is that when you ingest cannabis through brownies or other edibles the THC is metabolized by the liver before crossing from the blood to the brain. The result is a high that is more intense.

Being Cautious about Potency

When comparing the edible high to the smoking high, it is wise to remember that potency can be different between edible batches, even with those consumables that come pre-packaged at the dispensary. While a batch of cookies, for example, may be weak one time, the next batch may be stronger. We hope that there will be stricter regulations in the future for edible testing and THC levels to provide more consistency.

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