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Tips to Remove Resin from Hands and Surfaces

Trimming cannabis can be one of the messiest jobs, and resin can-and will-get on everything you can imagine. Fortunately, there are some super easy methods you can use to get this sticky resin off so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Sticky Hands

Tips to Remove Resin from Hands and SurfacesThis is a very common problem for everyone who deals with cannabis, and can happen faster than you may realize. Whether you have gloves on or not, the trichomes will cause any activity involving your hands or fingers to become virtually impossible. The good news is there are several ways to have clean hands once again:

  • Mix Soap or Oil and Abrasive material: This is a great solution as this combination will not only remove the resin from your skin but will ensure that your skin is soft and silky. Popular combinations include olive oil and kitchen salt, and dish soap with sugar.
  • Use Alcohol: Alcohol is the perfect way to get resin and trichomes off of your hands fast. However, it does dry out the skin so be sure to use a lotion or moisturizing cream afterwards. Any type of alcohol will work, but isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol are the best options due to the higher concentration.

Removing Resin from All Surfaces

When dealing with a kitchen cannabis disaster type of situation, it’s crucial that you know how to remove the resin not only from skin, but from phones, countertops, fabrics, and other surfaces that may be affected. Here is the quick cheat sheet you need to get back a weed free kitchen:

  • Wash it: For all washable materials, such as dishes, coffee grinder, etc. use vegetable oil to loosen the resin, and then use a mix of dish soap with hot water to get the resin off.
  • Wipe it: For surfaces such as tables, countertops, or phones, use rubbing alcohol with a paper towel to get the resin off.

No matter how you make your perfect spliff or enjoy your cannabis, it will always be messy. Fortunately, with the tips above, you’ll no longer have to worry about how to free your home of resin anytime soon. 

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