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20 Reason To Smoke Medical Cannabis

20 Reason To Smoke Medical Cannabis

  1. Noone Ever Died From Smoking Grass
  2. People Who Smokes Cannabis Say That It Reduces Depression
  3. Medical Cannabis Never Cause Emphysema Unlike Tobacco
  4. Grass Doesn't Cause Cancer ( And If You Smoke Cannabis It Reduce Posibility To Get Cancer)
  5. Medical Cannabis Contain Tetrahydrocannabinol Which Clean The Lungs And Preventing Tumors
  6. Everyday Cannabis Smoking Doesn't Damage You Brain.
  7. It's Not Prooved That Cannabis Smoking Cause Mental Problems
  8. Grass Is Not Gateway Drug. It Doens't Lead You  To Harder Drugs.
  9. Medical Cannabis Helps You To Fight Atherosclerosis
  10. Cannabis Slow Down The Growth Of Brain And Even Removes It In Rat's Brain. The Same Experiments Haven't Been Done On Humans Yet
  11. You Are Never Alon. Smoke Medical Cannabis Is Culture Number One In The United States.
  12. In The United States Around 15 Million People Smoke Hashish At Least Once A Month.
  13. Medical Cannabis Helps You Sexual Life
  14. Smoke Cannabis Can Prevent Blindness
  15. Cannabis Can Prevent Headaches
  16. Cannabis Is Less Addictive Then Coffe. It Has No Phisycal Dependence, But Light Addiction Can Be Developed.
  17. In 1977 The United States Administration to monitor The Drug Enforcement wanted to decriminalize Cannabis.
  18. If The Law Is Against Canabis Its Not A Reason For Not Smoke It. Legitimacy Is A Terrible Baromoter Of Morality.
  19. Getting The Buzz Is Not Bad. Everything In Your Life Gives You Addiction At Some Point Either It Soda, Fried Food, Or Alcohol. It's Just All About Fun
  20. We Dont Know All Benefits About Cannabis. For Several Years Goverment Trying To Prove That It Harmless But Still Couldn't.

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