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$4.1 million to Daniel Chong from the government

Some of you might don't remember who Daniel Chong is, so just as a reminder - Daniel Chong, an engineering student from UC San Diego was arrested last year after the raid of the apartment off campus, where Chong was smoking pot with his friends.

Poor kid was arrested, questioned and forgotten in a locked cell 5 by 10 foot without windows or toilet for 5 days. The DEA agents somehow forgot about the kid in a cell, so Mr. Chong was left without food, water and any kind of communication with the outside world. He was forced to drink his own urine to survive and almost died in a hospital from a kidney failure after he was discovered. To this day Daniel suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, but what might help him to recover faster is $4.1 million from the government in advance of a $20 million lawsuit.

On top of the $4.1 million Mr Chong gets an apology from William Sherman, Special Agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Agency San Diego, not like this apology really matters.


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