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420 Party is almost here! Tell everyone you know about 420! The day of trials and experiments with all sort of smoking devices and all kinds of marijuana buds.

So where the 420 originally came from?

Some people say 420 is the amount of chemicals in weed, other say it's a police code for cannabis and other believes 4:20 is time in Holland to drink tea - All of that is not true!

The original meaning of 420 is known!

Back in a days, about 1970s, the group of teenagers pot-smokers from San Rafael High School have been using the term 420 as a Time of the day the group would meet, at the campus statue of Louse Pasteur, to smoke some pot. Soon the term 420 spread among members of an entire generation.

The biggest 420 parties are:

  • San Francisco's Golden Gate Park
  • University of Colorado Boulder Campus, Ottawa
  • Ontario at Parliament  Hill and Major's Hill
  • And lots of other beautiful countries of the world.

Don't miss it out, be a part of the 420 community)

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