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420 Tourist Tours in Colorado

Are you a traveler who likes to go and explore new places? You are one of those people who purchases a tour to Thailand or Mexico with 5 star hotel and everything is included? or just a bus trip to Grand Canion? Well, Smoke Pipe Shop offers you to check this out- the first 420 Tourist Tour in Colorado! - Does that sounds interesting to you, our people who enjoyes sweet cannabis?

 Sound crazy but, My 420 Tour LLC- Colorado based company, that has been in medical marijuana business for a few successful yeas, offers you a unique 420 Tour  for a World Cannabis Week, which starts on April 20th. The tour does not include the flight and hotel but offers a great time full of different events, already sold out concerts tickets, seminars, bus tours, cooking classes and so much more!!!

The packages starts from $499 to $899 per person, and over 170 packages has been sold already. So hurry up and reserve a spot for yourself.

You can inquire the necessary information on My 420 Tour website.

Enjoy the trip

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