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7 Ways TO Use Cannabis

Cannabis has recently done a lot of noise from the bad point of view on cannabis, but not everyone knows that food based on it do not contain THC, hemp milk is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are very good for the heart and brain and can reduce the risk of cardiovasculat diseas.

In addition to that Hemp has a high percentage of Omega-6 and rich with all essential amino acids, which help to build protein in your body, and generaly responsible for the growth.

The Second Annual Hemp History Week took a place this past week and was initiated by activists to promote hemp farming and manufacturing in The United States.

Here is some products of the market:

  1. Cannabis seeds. You can purchase them in a raw form of the shell, and as many other seeds you can eat them raw or you can add them to your salads or breakfast cereal bowl.
  2. Cannabis / hemp milk. Made out of ground cannabis seeds and water. On a market you can buy it sweetened and unsweetened - clean version. You can also purchase flavored cannabis milk like straweberry or chocolate.
  3. Oil, squeezed from the cannabis seeds. The best way to use it as a dresssing to your salad. Also you can take it as a gel capsule.
  4. Substitute of a butter is made from uncleaned cannabis seeds, can be used on a your bread instead of a regular butter.
  5. Just like many other protein poweders, cannabis poweder can be used for your protein shakes and smoothies and cereals.
  6. Ice-cream. Made on a basis of the cannabis/hemp milk. You can buy it in a family pack or in a personal serving.
  7. One more way of using cannabis in a good way for your health is - cannabis made clothes! This version is not directly related to your health, but products based on cannabis such as clothes, jewelry, lip balm , hats, shower curtains and soaps are also available now on a market.

Enjoy Cannabis in all available ways!

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