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Add A Flavor To Your Bong

Everyone likes to smoke from the bong. Pleasent bubblers in a water, thick clouds of smoke, you inhale it and just a minute after you close your eyes and pressed into the chair. Bong is always cool and fun passtime, but have you ever thought about something more then just smoke a water bong?

For many many years cannabis smokers were trying so many flavored things for their water bongs, from beer and orange juice to soda and tea.

Every smoker knows that the smoke goes through the liquid and absorbs the smell of that liquid. According to this, if you use clean water then you feel the real taste of cannabis,  and of course if you use apple juice you feel the taste of cannabis apple.

Before add something to your bong, think first. Smoke Pipe Shop highly recomend cold tea with lemon and honey. Or You can try Blueberry Haze with taste of strawberry and kiwi. Just don't over do with the flavors or you can kill the smell of cannabis, try and make sure that the flavors are well blended.

You can also buy from any Head Shop special water that already has flavores.

Most smokers love smell of cannabis and dont want to spoil it with any flavores. In this case we recomend to add ice in your water bong. The smoke gets softer and smell is just right when you smoke form the water bong thaat has ice inside.


The basic rules of using Bong:

  • Any liquid you use have to be cold enough, so it cool the smoke that you inhale.
  • Do not use alcohol, it desolves the THC well, and it just settles in a  fluid.
  • Dont use soda waters, it won't be pleasent to inhale carbon dioxid, you might cough for a long time after that.
  • Wash your bong after each use. Even the weekly raid on a glass bong stink!
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