Alcohol VS Marijuana by Robin William

"Live At The Met" stand-up routine by Robin Williams.

Robin WilliamThe great actor and a stand-up comedian loved by millions of people around the globe. Today, we are having a Robin Williams' "Live At The Met" stand-up routine flash back.

Classical stand-up comedy by Robin Williams "Live At The Met" came out in 1986, but until this day it will make anyone laugh hard. It is probably the greatest stand-up performance ever captured on film. The show is a mix of Robin's great humor, voice work and the topics of drugs, sex, world affairs and children.

"Alcohol VS Marijuana" is an 8 minute video out of the 53 minute show; However, Robin Williams described it just so perfect and so funny, that you will laugh until your bones. 

Enjoy the video and if you would like to watch the whole show, you can easily find it online or purchase it on Amazon.


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