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All About Grinders

Today In Smoke Pipe Shop We Will Talk About Grinders!

Grinder Is Very Importand Thing For Every Smoker, If You Got Tired Of Trying To Crush Smoking Mix To The Perfect Smoke Consistance  With Knife And Scissors. You Put A Lot Into It, To DO So Takes Long Time And At The End You Still Dont Get The Perfect Smoking Consistance Mix. Grinder Will Resolve You Problem! With The Grinder Help You Will Get The Right Pertfect Smoking Mix Consistance Just In A Few Seconds With Minimal Energy Use. Just Put Your Smoke Inside Of The Grinder Twist It A Few Times And Its Ready To Be Used, So You Can Actually Enjoy Your SMoking Process With Your Glass Pipe Or Chillum Or Joint Whatever You Use.

There Are A Few Different Types Of Grinders.

The Acrilyc Or Plastic Grinders Are Still  The Most Popular Grinders Because They Kind Of Cheap And Last Long Time. Smoke Pipe Shop Would Recomend You TO GO For Metal Grinders / Aluminum Grinders / Steanless Steel Grinders.  Those Kind Of Grinders Will Serve You For A Very Long Time, They Might Be Done With Lots Of Alloyes But Still Do Their Function Very Good Job On Crushing Smoking Mix And They Have No Fear of Loads.

The Other Alternative To Metal Grinders - Wood Grinders. They Are Better For Enviroment Thats Why THey Are The Favorites For A Lot Of People. Very Strong And Durable Grinders WIll Serve You For A Long Time.

Another Aspect For Choosing A Grinder Its Parts. There Are 2 Components Grinders Or 4 Components Grinders. The Most Simple But Very Popular Is 2 Parts Grinder. Its A Crusher And Container Where Smoke Mix Stays  At The Same Time. More Advanced Grinders Have 4 Parts, Which In Addition Of Crushing Also Includes Sifting The Mixture And Collecting It In A Saperate Container, Which Also Saves You A Lot Of Time On Collecting Fines (Dust).

More Advanceed Grinders Can Have 5 Parts, Which Are Composed Of Two Types Of Mesh For Sifting The Various Factions.

Very Important Thing When You Choose A Grinder Is Diameter. Then Bigger The Diameter Then Its Easier For The Hands And It Wil Also Mash More Tobacco Mixture At A Time.

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