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American soldiers took pictures with Afghanistan Cannabis Plants

American soldiers in Afghanistan, while out on patrol in Kabul, decided to have some fun and whipped out their cameras, and their guns and took bunch of pictures of them-self in a massive cannabis fields.

Pictures recently were posted on No identity, no time, no place where the pictures were taken. But thIs photos triggered the military investigation. On a pictures you can see the guys pointing their weapons among the bushes, pictures do not show any of the guys smoking weed, but shows how they decorate the military vehicle.

Among with all that, guys were stupid enough to put on the baseball hats instead of their military ones, which is a big issue, any soldier caught wearing non-military issue headgear.

The U.S. Officials said that the situation Is "being looked into" and added " The U.S. military takes allegations of drug possession, transfer, distribution! And use very seriously".

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