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Americans Tested Positive For Pot On 2012 Olympics!

An American Judoka, Nick Delpopolo, was tested positive for cannabis THC. Delpopolo was disqualified from men's 73-killogram class, where he placed seventh.

Nick apologized to the United Stated Olympic Team, he said he accidentally ate some food that was baked with cannabis before he arrived to London, which was confirmed by one of his family members, who send a letter to the Olympic Committe. The letter said " Nick had absolutely no idea, that I dealt with marijuana at all, so it would've never crossed his mind. This is my entire fault. This was all a huge mistake"

Nick hopes to represent United States of America in a future, and truly sorry about what happen.

There are four more Americans who was tested positive for marijuana in their blood, but before they even had a chance to compete in the Olympics 2012 in London.

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