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Amsterdam Cannabis Cup

Amsterdam Cannabis CupHigh Times Cannabis Cup In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Cannabis Cup 2014 is coming to Radio Amsterdam, Louwesweg 1, 1066 EA Amsterdam on November 23-27.

Expo, activism, seminars, competitions, parties, music and lots of interesting people are waiting for you to join them on this celebration of MaryJain. It's the 27th year of hosting Amsterdam Cannabis Cup. All the attendees will be able to vote for their favorite strains and companies, who hosts booth at the cup and just smoke a joint at any time.

Danny Danko, Robert Connell Clark, Nico Escondido, Marc Emery, Scott of Rare Dankness and lots of other famous cannabis activists will be hosting seminars and parties, so there is plenty of things to do and lots of people to see at the 27th Amsterdam Cannabis Cup.

Tickets are available for sale at and price is about the same as the previous years:

Option #1 Judge Pass

Cost about $280 for a Judge Pass, that includes admission to all ceremonies, concerts, seminars, expo for 4 days, t-shirt, free bus tour to and from the expo and the right to vote.

Option #2 Expo Only

1 day admission, only to the Expo, cost about $55 and it doesn't include entrance to the night time parties or the right to vote.

Get ready for 27th Annual High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup!



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