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An Internship With Snoop Lion

Do you want to spend a day with Snoop Lion and do lots of cool and fun things together? - Now you have a chance.

Donate some money towards Snoop's Youth Football Team and get a chance to become Snoop's intern for a day. You will be flown to Los Angeles California to spend the whole day with Snoop Dog and his family. You will get to do some fun stuff with Snoop and live his life for a day!

Campaign is to raise the money for the Snoop's Youth Football Team, that will allow the inner-city kids to "Learn the values of teamwork, discipline, dedication and self-respect."

The campaign affective for 50 days starting yesterday, December 12, 2013. Try your luck and maybe it's gonna be you next to Snoop, enjoying Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. To participate go Prizeo, the campaign website.



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