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Black Friday Deal!

Holiday Shopping

The Grass Cannabis Black Friday SpecialsBlack Friday is around the corner and all retailers already announcing what kind of specials you can expect at the stores. The Grass Station in Denver Colorado is not any different.

Recreational marijuana retail store is about to be one of the first ones to offer great deals on weed for their customers on Black Friday weekend. The owner of The Grass Station store believes that there is no differences when it comes to discounts during holiday shopping. The same store made similar promotion in 2013 and had a huge success.

Grass Station doors will be open at 8am on Black Friday and every day during Black Friday weekend. There are a lot of promotion will be offered to people. For example: $50 ounces of flower (16 per day, regular price $250+), 60 $1 joints and cones, $2 - 10-miligram of edibles and lots of other sweet deals. To find more deals visit GrassStation website.

Just a reminder, it's a winter time, so remember to dress warm and bring hot beverage, because most likely you will have to wait in line outside; However, once you get inside, the wait time will way worse it. With help of The Grass Station Black Friday Deals, cannabis can be a great present for your loved ones.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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