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Bob Dylan &The Legion d'Honneur

the Legion D'honneurThe Legion D'honneur is a French recognition reward, that has been established by Napoleon in 1802. The order of the Legion D'honneur honors the individuals who have served France in various ways.

Bob Dylan is an exceptional artist with chaotic life and lyrics. He is recognized worldwide as a major singer and poet. He was nominated with French Legion D'honneur award for his cultural contribution to the country. Dylan was a hero for the young French people who wanted Independence and Justice.

However, for a long time, Bob Dylan's nomination has been blocked because of Dylan's cannabis use and anti-war politics.

Just last week, on Bob Dylan's 3 day concert tour in France, he finally received his the Legion D'honneur award and became one of not too many foreigners who actually was honored with this French reward.

On the ceremony Bob Dylan said that he was proud and grateful, but looked very uncomfortable. 

Also, recently, 72-years old singer, finally released an official music video of the greatest song ever "Like a Rolling Stone". The video hosts a lot of celebrities and famous TV shows, all of them make connections between the appearances and the song's lyrics.  Enjoy the video and clap it up for Dylan, the greatest singer.

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