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Buddha Bong

Buddha is a Lucky man, he brings you luck if you rub his belly. Laughing Buddha man will bring you wealth, good luck and prosperity.

So today, we will show you how this little fatty Laughing Buddha man can make you even happier every day of your life. It's a The Buddha Bong!

You can buy it at the store, but it's not as much fun as using the ceramic Buddha statue that you probably have at your house for a few years by now.

So, we take a medium size Buddha Statue (aproxim 9") and prepare for some work.

You will need a drill, smoking bowl and a slide.

Now, using your drill, very carefully, not to crack the ceramic, make a hole in The Buddha Belly, just as big as your bowl. we recommend to use a metal smoking bowl, that's smaller in size. After that, make another hole in the back of the Laughing Buddha's statue for the slide (or tube, that you will smoke out of). And now your The Buddha Bong is almost ready.

You also might wanna use a rubber part or a glue for your smoking bowl and a inhale piece, because it's pretty hard to make a perfect hole for those. This way, you can prevent smoke lost.

Put the smoking bowl and the slide on places and smoke it up!

Da-Buddha Bong

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