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Burned Hash

Hash should smell wonderful, especially when 30 tons of hash is set on FiRe...

Smugglers ship, The Gold Star, that was sailing under the Tanzanian Flag, and had a 9-Egyptian/Syrian member crew on board, has been monitored for 3 days, before the Italian coast guard decided to approach them near by the boarder of Sicily.

The authorities received a tip that the sailing ship was transporting illegal drugs, and as it came out, the tip was right. The members of the crew panicked as soon as coast guard aircraft and boats appeared on a horizon and tried to destroy the evidence by Burning it.. OMG, the smell around it should have been awesome!

30 tons of Hash has been set on fire by the crew members, after what they start jumping into the water. What they were thinking about no one knows. Were they trying to escape from the coast guard or the fire on the ship? - that's the question...

Anyways, the fire was put down before it destroyed all the evidence and the 9-member crew had to be rescued by the Italian Coast Guard, since they didn't have any place to swim but the Italian boarder..

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