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California Student Left in Cell Without Food and Water For 5 Days Sues DEA for $20M

23-year old Daniel Chong went to his friend's house on 420 Day (April 20) to get high and celebrate international holiday. He felt asleep and at 9 a.m. next day the Drug Enforcement Agents stormed the apartment and swept him among with others suspects. During this raid agents found 18,000 Ecstasy Pills, Marijuana, Other Drugs and Weapons.

Chong was questioned for a few hours and since he didn't  know anything and previously was never arrested, he was told that he will be released. The engineering student of University of Colorado was handcuffed and placed in the 5-by-10 windowless cell where he was forgotten by DEA agents and remained from April 21 till April 25.

He was found five days after, paramedics took him to the hospital where he was treated for cramps, dehydration, a perforated esophagus, kidney failure. He stayed at the hospital under intensive care for 5 days.

When he got out of the hospital, Chong told to the press that there was no restroom, no food, no water. The only view out was through a tine peephole in a solid door. He could hear the muffled voices of agents and the sound of the next cell dore being opened and closed. He tried to yell and scream but now one would hear him.  Two days after being in cell he began to hallucinate. He had to drink his own urine to survive.

The DEA has said that young man was "Accidentally" left in cell and has apologized to Chong.

Daniel Chong together with his lawyer filed 20 Million Dollars legal claim against Drug Enforcement Administration, saying that his treatment constitutes torture under U.S and International Law.

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