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Canna Pong

Everyone familiar with famous, traditional college game - Beer Pong. Today, Smoke Pipe Shop wants to introduce you to something new and exciting - Canna Bong.

It all start when we found this ====>>

Beer Pong Table With Cannabis Symbols

Very cool beer bong table with a set of matching "Marijuana Symbol" plastic cups. There is the sign on a table "Smoke Weed, F..k the World" and that's exactly how you feel after you play Canna Pong. The rules are the same as the ones at the Beer Pong, but instead of beer you actually place your herb into the cup. As you already guessed instead of drinking when you loose, you smoke! This kind of table you can purchase online, it's not that expensive, but will bring you lots of fun memories. Enjoy the game and remember to smoke responsibly!

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