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Cannabis Bar, The New Wedding Addition

Cannabis Bar - a new, expensive addition to the weddings.

Cannabis Wedding Is Now AvailableAs was reported by The Knot, wedding planner website, some of the wedding receptions are turning out to be more expensive then before, after the cannabis became legal in some of the states. Some of the couples, who is getting married in Washington or Colorado States are looking to add a cannabis bar to a traditional open liquor bar. That will prevent the guests from getting too overdosed with liquor, will calm some nerves and make the wedding more fun. While the bride and the groom are working on the cannabis bar, the catering companies are getting more creative and offering wedding meals infused with hash oil. Most of the time brides, grooms and event coordinators don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable around cannabis, so the special cannabis bars, snacks and meals are usually set up in a separate area.

The Knot, wedding website, recently asked their readers "What do you think about about having Marijuana at the wedding?"

The respond of the 67% was "Definitely Yes! I would love that kind of wedding"; 22% said "No" and the remaining 11% stayed at the neutral position.

Canna-Wedding, the dream that will take you up high in sky, is now available.

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