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Cannabis Cigarette

Cranford Cannabis CigarettesNo more long joint rolling, no more glass spoon packing, just pull the cannabis cigarette out of the pack and light it up!

Cranford cannabis cigarette is the first America's cigarette packed with pot instead of tobacco. Organically grown, high quality cannabis cigarette was created by the High Times Cannabis Cup award winning grower, Mr Cranford.

Cannabis cigarettes are professionally rolled with help of the machines and placed in custom-made metal tin, that protects your cannabis cigarette no matter where you are.

In every tin, there are 10 cannabis cigarettes with quarter ounce of pot (100 milligrams) in each. The wholesale price for retailers is $30. You can buy it for a personal use at a lot of Colorado cannabis dispensaries for $50-$60.

Enjoy the pre-made cannabis cigarettes, smoke freely anywhere you go.

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