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Cannabis In New York Times Vision

Just a month ago New York Times run an ad calling for legalization of marijuana nationally and now they are back again!

New York Times, the full page with Marijuana Ad

Just Say Know

Leafly Marijuana Ad In New York TimesFull page of New York Times is taken by Marijuana ad, that was designed to educate New york patients about different cannabis strains availability, variety of edibles and other marijuana-related products that can be suitable with their particular medical condition. Ad purchased by company Leafly, the world's largest cannabis information community, that allows you to discover, connect and share information with people like you.

The ad shows a running lady and the ad says: "While fighting cancer, Molly preferred a sativa cannabis".

Cannabis legalization is huge all over the country. While some people still fight against it, the majority says 'Yes to medical cannabis'.

One of the biggest cannabis movements, Cannabis Policy Center, says that it's time for the Federal government to change their views and policies on medical cannabis and leave it up to States to decide if they want the medical marijuana to be legal or not.

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