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Cannabis in North Korea

North Korea is the most closed communism country where not obeying to the government rules can lead you to jail. So there is not much people from outside know about this country.

However, this one specific fact, everyone who smokes should know.

North Korean government is negatively strickt about Crystal Amphitamins and Opium and those who get cought even with the smallest amount of this drugs, looking at a life jail time or maybe even something worse. However Cannabis is not on North Korian books and everyone is free to use it or grow it.

Yeap, just like that you can find Cannabis growing on sides of the roads, peoples back yards and open for sale on a city market. Every North Korean person smokes it and no punishment follows. A lot of people smoke marijuana not to get night, relax or have fun, but just instead of regular tobacco cigarette, since the price of regular cigarets is way higher then cannabis on a local market. 

The quality of local cannabis is not the best in a world but at least it's legal. But if you are a tourist in Notth Korea don't even bother yourself to ask locals where you can get some. The communism country is so strickt that people won't even talk to you being scared to get punished by the government. If you have a tour guide or a business partner with you, who is familiar with the area- they won't say a word either, pretending like they don't understand what you are looking for.

So it's kinda funny turn around- you see it, you smell it, you can smoke it- the only problem- to get the ready product. and if you are a smoker and like to travel around the world to explore the best weeds - North Korea might be not on your list.

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