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Cannabis is coming back to ALASKA!

It has been over 40 years since Marijuana was prohibited for Alaska's citizens. Alaska was the first state with legal recreational marijuana back in 1970, however, in 1990's the law was overturned and Cannabis became prohibited for over a decade.

54% citizens of Alaska are in favor of legal marijuana, so the activists and supporters jumped into an adventure of collecting signatures, to be qualified for the August 2014 ballot proposal.

There are only 30 thousand signatures needed to be eligible for the next year's ballot, however they have to be presented before the new legislative session, which is January. Alaska's Marijuana Activists are half a way already, but more then that, they are planning on collecting 15 thousand signatures more then needed, which will make it total of 45 thousand signatures towards Alaska Marijuana Legalization Request!

Ah Da Alaska's Activist! We wish you luck and will be closely following the process!

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