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Cannabis Is Not Just A Medicine, It's History!

Legal cannabis sales started in Washington on July 7th! 

Washington State Legal Cannabis SalesGuess what, the first people, who bought legal cannabis weren't typical stoners, but retired respected people. This proofs one more time, that cannabis can be used not just by teenage stoners, but by every single age group for a lot of good medical and health-related purposes.

Deborah Greene, 65 year old grandmother, who retired from the insurance industry was the first buyer of the legal cannabis from the Cannabis City. She waited almost 24 hours by the door steps of the Cannabis City to be not just the first one to buy, but also the first one to witness the history. She actually bought two bags: one for personal use and one, signed by James Lathrop, the Cannabis City owner for donation to the Seattle's Museum of History and Industry.

Soon, George Vargas joined Deborah in line to the Cannabis City. Vargas, 64, is a retires postal worker from Dallas. He arrived to Seattle after spending a month in Denver and all he want is to compare Washington legal cannabis to Colorado ones.

The third person in line appeared to be 54 year old Rafael Dias, who said he uses cannabis to help his appetite.

So, as you see, the first three customers for the legal weed were the older crowd and not teenage stoners. That says a lot.

Enjoy the legal cannabis Washington and don't forget to smoke responsible.


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