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Cannabis Liberation Day 2012

Cannabis Liberation day 2012... is a sad day for many tourist and at the same time locals.

What's sad about it? - "Weed Pass"

Since 1 May just Dutch residents are able to purchase soft drugs in coffee shops of Southern Part of Netherlands. Foreigners are left over. The rest of the country will follow on January 1.

Still somehow this usually Great Day attracted more then 2000 people, who came to enjoy the smoke, music and just a Cannabis Lovers company on a sunny Sunday the 17th in Western Park, Amsterdam. However we can't compare it to the last year 4000 visitors.

The government of the country are changing the law and people are angry, you can see empty coffee shops, and many of them already had to close their doors. The owners of the coffee shops in other part of Netherlands are afraid that the same thing will happen to their shops very soon.

Derrick Bergman, League for the Legalization of Cannabis Spokesman, hopes that after the general election in September, the new government will rescind the measure.

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