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Cannabis Policy Reform in Vermont, NE

Voters of Vermont NE support decriminalizing cannabis.

According to a new vote of registered votes (Marijuana Policy Project) the shocking 63% of the Vermont voters support the reduction of penalties for possession of small amount of cannabis to a small fine.

Current law require the jail time up to 6 months and a fine of $500 for any amount of marijuana possession.

The question that was asked by MPP: "Do you support the changes in the law under which the possession of cannabis for the personal use up to an ounce will be charged just with fine of $150 and no jail time?"

The respond was:

%67 Support it

%29 Against

%8 Not Sure

In addition, %75 citizens if Vermont support the law about medical cannabis, and just %18 against it. Very interesting fact that one of the votes showed that most citizens of Vermont, NE belive that use of cannabis is better then use of alcohol, 32 percent believe that usage of any of those are equal and 15 percent think that use of cannabis is worse then use of alcohol.

We should count the fact that Vermont NE is one of the most liberal states in US, and after the results of the votes we can clearly see why citizens of Vermont are so open to the Marijuana Policy Reform.

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