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Cannabis Propaganda Movies of 1900's

Not long ago, just a few decades back, anti marijuana propaganda movies were a required part of students education. The propaganda films were about bunch of nonsenses about marijuana that the students had to believe to. There are rumors around that Uncle Sam payed for those anti marijuana propaganda movies to fright American people, make them to believe that the cannabis will destroy their families, make thefts and drug addicts from their children. Which is complete opposite to what has been proven in the past few years. It has been scientifically proved and tested on millions of people that marijuana is a natural medical treatment for a lot of sicknesses. If you watch at least one of those movies now, you will crack out, because they look more like a silly comedy then anti-cannabis propaganda movies.

Just to prove our words, check this few movies out.

Reefer Madness, also known as "Tell Your Children". 1936 marijuana propaganda movie directed by Louis Gasnier. The movie tells you about the danger of cannabis use. Movie didn't get too much audience until was rediscovered on 1970's and turned into comedy by the cannabis policy reform advocacy group.


Another hit movie of the late 1930's called "Marihuana". The plot of the movies is about a woman, who hangs out with her friends, cannabis-smokers, and finds herself smoking it too, everything turns to group orgies, unwanted pregnancy, marijuana smuggling, and ends up as a heroin addict.

There a re a lot of other anti-marijuana propaganda movies that you can find and watch online. Here is a few names for you: "High on the Range", "Assasin of Youth", "The Terrible Truth" and many other short pot propaganda movies.

Educate yourself and your children, don't believe in everything that government tells you. Cannabis is a medicine, not a drug.

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