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Celebrities and Joints

Miley Cyrus VS Lady Gaga - joint celebrities of today's blog.

While one celebrity is lighting up joint on a stage to make the crowd go wild, other celebrity admits that she is addicted to pot but pretty sure she can do good without it, because she wants to live and wants her fans to live too. Sounds pretty pathetic, counting that weed didn't kill anyone yet, the opposite, it made lots of people feel better and their life's last longer.

Miley Cyrus Smokes Joint On Stage In Amsterdam10th November 2013, millions of people were watching the MTV Europe Musical Awards, that took place in Amsterdam this year.  Miley Cyrus came out on stage with her clutch to accept her EMA Reward, she said she can't fit reward inside of her purse, but she found something interesting in it. She pulled out the joint out of her clutch and light it up on stage. The crowd went wild! Another Marijuana Legalization Supporter you would think, she is saying "Hi" to all th emedical marijuana patients, sending her love and support, but unfortunately no. Miley Cyrus admits that she did it just because the EMA was in Amsterdam and she decided that it will be cool for her to light up the joint on stage, so the fans would go super crazy. Pathetic..


Lady Gaga Smokes Joint On StageLady Gaga turned out to be even worse then Miley Cyrus. During the interview on Z100 - New York's Music Hit Station, Lady Gaga admitted that she is a pot addict. She start smoking after her hip-surgery 10 years ago and didn't stop since then. To kill her pain Gaga would smoke 10-15 joints per day. But she thinks that marijuana is not that good for her and that she can do good without it. The reason why would she stop smoking is simple - Lady Gaga wants to live and she wants her fans to live. Millions of medical marijuana patients suffer from pain every day and healing marijuana plant is the only thing that keeps them going day after day. There is nothing wrong with smoking medical marijuana and everyone knows about it already. However, the Decriminalize Marijuana position side will definitely use Lady Gaga's words against the Marijuana Legalization supporters.

Thank you Gaga... Thank you Miley Cyrus... Not a supporters, just another show makers. 


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