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Clasically Cannabis, High Note Series Orchestra

Red Rocks On A High Note Colorado Orchestra ConcertThe Colorado Symphony Orchestra with their "Classically Cannabis, High Note Series" is coming to the Red Rock Amphitheater on September 13. Red Rocks on a High Note is the final show of the 4-series concert by Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

The past three concerts were "private events", where guests were allowed to bring their own cannabis and smoke at the special room at the gallery; However, the Red Rock amphitheater isn't a private event and smoking is not allowed. 

The tickets price is $20 for the standard seats and $45 for reserved seats. The concert is sponsored by many cannabis-infused products companies like Bhang Chocolate, Leafly, Gaia Plant-Based Medicine and others.

The cannabis-friendly orchestra concert attract the crowd of all ages, including the younger, more diverse audience. Red Rocks On High Note will future Adams, Beethoven, Greenwood, Mascagni, Berlioz, Williams, Debussy, Holst and Ravel.

To purchase a ticket, visit


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