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Colorado Billboards Support Marijuana

The Proponents of a ballot initiative to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Denver, Colorado made the first push in their campaign and unveiled their first billboard past Thursday.

The billboard located at 1660 Federal Boulevard and right on top of the liquor store shows a smiling middle-age woman saying:

"For many reasons, I prefer...

marijuana over alcohol

Does that make me a bad person?"

Billboards in Colorado that supports Marijuana on the same level with alcohol

The same Campaign To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol came out with the flyer that brings to your attention the same information.

We have to notice that both billboard and flyer support the same theme - putting human faces on marijuana smokers, presenting them as normal people, who prefer marijuana over alcohol. Campaign developers didn't go with any marijuana sign or even a green color, which makes it even more powerful.

Smoke Pipe Shop Blog - Colorado Billboards Support Marijuana Use Smoke Pipe Shop Blog - Colorado Billboards Support Marijuana Use

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