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Colorado Dispensaries

When you are going to be in Colorado, why not take a tour of the best marijuana dispensaries there? Along with enjoying the company of the kind residents, you can get some fresh air and, oh yes, learn that there is a whole lot of weed there. In case you aren’t up on the latest news, weed is a legal, taxable thing in Colorado. Here are the top marijuana dispensaries there:

The Best Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries

Colorado DispensariesLodo Wellness Center

You will find Lodo located at #B-1617 Wazee Street. Since 2014, the establishment has been offering up options like the Purple Train Wreck.

Native Roots Apothecary

Want some Snoop Dogg OG? It’s a strain you’ll find at Native Roots Apothecary at 1555 Champa Street in Denver. Open daily from 9am-7pm, you will find both medicinal and recreational varieties of weed.


At 1133 Bannock Street is where you will find Pure. This marijuana dispensary has great prices on a range of quality weed. There are $25 eighths, for example. The owners may seem familiar as they also have Colorado Cannabis and 710 laboratories.

Patient’s Choice

One of the best weed dispensaries in Colorado is Patient’s Choice on 2251 S Broadway. It has been open since 2009, which is longer than a lot of the competitors’ places. The place is clean, and the staff is friendly. The Grandpa Larry variety is a popular choice for purchase.

Denver Botanical

Back in 2014, Denver Botanical first opened its doors. Located at 3054 Larimer Street, there are early bird specials from 9am-11am on Mondays through Thursdays, as well as on Sunday from 10 am to 12 pm. Popular strains have great names like Blue Dream, which is 80 percent Sativa and 20 percent Indica, and Candy Kush, which is 30 percent Indica and 70 percent Sativa).

Flavor town is within reach when you head out to Colorado. Need proof? You’ll find it at these marijuana dispensaries.

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