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Colorado's 420 replaced by 419.99

420 Hwy Mile ColoradoColorado Interstate 70 has a legendary mile mark 420; however, the Colorado Department of Transportation has announced last week that "Mile 420" will be replaced by "Mile 419.99" to prevent it from being stolen.

Not a secret that Colorado is a huge attraction for those who love to smoke, so while some of stoners are waiting in line to buy the herb, others grabbing highway mile signs on their way back home. Why not, I'm pretty sure that 420 Hwy Sign would loos pretty awesome in any living room.

So, Colorado Department of Transportation got tired of spending money and replacing the sign and said "No more", 419.99 is on it's way. Or well, now those who didn't have a chance to take one from the road, will be able to purchase it legally online at some gift shop.

Time for Christmas Shopping
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